Yoga Mat Buying Checks

8 Things to Check Before Buying A Yoga Mat: Pick Your Best Mat Here

Buying the right yoga mat is not as easy as most of us think. As there are plenty of options available in the market, it is always a confusion on how to pick the best one. In this article, we will guide our readers with 8 point buying checklist to decide between right and wrong yoga mat. 

Yoga is an important contribution of Indian culture to the whole world. In today’s busy life. most of us live under stress which has a devastating effect on our body and mind. Stress causes severe problems such as neck pain, backache, headache, rapid heartbeat, heartburn, anger, insomnia and inability to concentrate. In this situation, yoga is an easy medium that helps in keeping our body healthy and fit. Yoga has the power to strengthen our nervous system and helps to get rid of the most difficult disease by practising it daily. Doing yoga is not costly at all.  In fact, those who practice yoga are avoiding expensive treatment. Today most of the yoga guru’s are available on TV channels and internet.

How to Select the Right Yoga Mat?

We can do yoga at home or in a park or in a public place, but we need a yoga mat for this. Yoga mat gives us a fixed place to do yoga. It is the only essential and mandatory thing that we need to perform any asana. However, there are few checks that one need to take care before buying a yoga mat. Many times we do not understand the importance of yoga mat and end up in buying a wrong one. Wrong mats can make you an accident victim. Hence, it is important to keep a few checkpoints in mind while buying a yoga mat.  Let us know what we should take care of.

1st Buying Check for Yoga MatEco-friendly Material

Since plenty of options are available online, choosing any yoga mat is not difficult. But it is important to buy an eco-friendly yoga mat. Most of the yoga mats available in the stores are made of PVC plastics which is made flexible and resilience using certain chemicals. These chemicals have major health and environmental impacts. It is important to stay away from those mats which are made of PVC plastic. One should look for the yoga mat that is made of eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. Yoga mats made of natural rubbers and jute fibres are eco-friendly and do not have any impact on health. 

Our Best Choice Among Eco- Friendly Yoga Mats

7 Chakra Cork Yoga Mat

7 Chakra Cork Yoga Mat

Pros: This eco-friendly mat is made from premium quality natural rubberized cork material. The natural properties of the cork make this mat anti-slip. This standard size mat which is ideal up to 6 feet tall person has an excellent grip as well.

Cons:  The thickness of the mat is less.

2ndBuying Check for Yoga Mat Length and Width

The dimension of the mat is extremely important. Many times when buying yoga mats we do not pay attention to its size. In the market, many of the mats are short in the size. Using such type of mat can hurt your bones and skin as your body might tough the floor while doing any yoga pose. The standard length and width of the yoga mat are 68 inches x 24 inches. If your height is less than 6 feet, then the standard size mat will be good for you. However, if your height is above 6 feet then you will need a bigger size yoga mat. Big size yoga mats are also available at some of the renowned stores. 

Our Best Choice Among Extra Size Yoga Mats

Buying check for Extra-large yoga Mat

Curveit TPE Yoga Mat 

Pros: This extra size yoga mat is 6 feet 1 inch in length and 3 feet broad.  Ideal for extra size people for performing any yoga pose.  The mat is made from natural rubber and is quite lightweight. Come with carrying strap making it easier while travelling.  Majority of the user who has purchased this mat have given a thumbs up. 

Cons:  The mat does not provide good grip to smooth floor. 

3rdBuying Check for Yoga MatThickness

It is advised to take a  yoga mat that is slightly thick. This will protect your bones and skin from getting sore due to the hard floor. Though the thickness of the mat depends on where you do yoga and how much your weight is, the thickness should not exceed 1.5 inches.

Our Best Choice Among Thick and Comfotable Mats

Thick and Comfotable Mats

Qatalyze Extra Thick Yoga mat

Pros: This extra-thick mat from Qatalyze is well suited for those who have a problem in performing yoga on a normal mat. This mat has a more comfortable cushion for joints, knees, spine, hips and elbows for all types of asana even on the hard floors. Made from non-toxic eco-friendly material the mat is good in dimensions and has a superior grip and excellent traction on ether sides. The reversible feature of the mat makes it even more attractive buy.  Users of this mat are highly satisfied.

Cons:  There are no cons observed for this mat. 

4thBuying Check for Yoga Mat Comfortable in Carrying

For many of us, yoga is part of our daily life. If we have to travel somewhere, we need to carry our yoga mat. Therefore, it is important to buy a yoga mat which is easy to carry.  It is also advised to take a carry bag along with mat so that there is no problem in moving it around.

Our Best Choice Among Comfotable in Carrying Mats

Comfotable in Carrying Mats

TEGO Stance Reversible Mat with GuideAlign 

Pros: TEGO GuideAlign Design mat is not only loaded with all the good features and design, but it also comes with a smart carry bag to take this mat from one place to other. This eye-catcher mat is made from good eco-friendly materials, superior Cushioning and perfect grip. The guided align design helps to ensure the proper angle while performing any yoga pose.

Cons: Some of the users have a complaint that the mat becomes slippery after using for a few months.

5th Buying Check for Yoga Mat Non-slip and Grippy Material

Another important feature to be looked at while buying a yoga mat is its non-slip and grippy material. There could be nothing more dangerous while doing yoga if you slip. Make sure that the mat is made of a material that prevents you from slipping due to sweat during yoga asanas. A perfect grip and traction will give you more confidence and concentration while performing any yoga asana. Such mats help to protect from any kind of injury. Hence,  it is important to buy a non-slip and grippy yoga mat to keep yourself safe and distraction-free.

Our Best Choice Among Non-Slip and Good Grip Mats

Buying Check for Non-Slip and Good Grip Mats

SBZ – SHOPBOOZ Anti Skid Yoga Mat  

Pros: This 4 MM anti skid yoga mat is enabled with Non-slip bottom that provides stability during yoga workout. Padding and support provided in the mat help to perform all asana comfortably. The mat is easy to maintain and clean. It comes with a strap which helps in carrying it outdoor. 

Cons: The rubber used in the mat is a little hard.

6thBuying Check for Yoga Mat Lightweight Mat 

If you passionate about yoga,  you need to carry your mat wherever you go. While buying a yoga mat, make sure it is not too heavy for you.

Our Best Choice Among Lightweight Mats

Buying Check Among Lightweight Yoga Mats

AmazonBasics Yoga Towel Durable and Soft 

Pros: This eco-friendly yoga towel mat is ideal for those who are frequent travellers as it is lightweight and easy to carry and wash. It is made of polyester and nylon blend for softness and strength. Another attraction of this mat is a one year warranty.

Cons: This mat is not suitable to be used as a regular yoga mat as it is not very thick, hence does not have a good grip.

7thBuying Check for Yoga Mat Look and Feel

Lastly, look for the yoga mat that has an attractive look and design that can inspire and motivate you during the time you spend on it. 

Our Best Choice Among Look and Feel Mats

Best in Look and Feel Yoga Mats

House of Queens Chic Elegant Yoga Mat

Pros: Made from eco-friendly natural rubber and microfiber, this yoga mat comes with a stunning print that makes it super attractive. This mat is designed to absorb sweat and provide excellent grip on the floor while doing yoga. The dimension of the mat is 72 x 24 inch and the thickness is 3 mm. The carry strap provided with the mat makes it convenient during travel.


A little more thickness is needed to make this mat even more comfortable.

8thBuying Check for Yoga Mat Value for Money

Before you finalize your purchase, make sure that the yoga mat that you buying bring all the qualities that you are looking for. We at have done a deep analysis of all the yoga mats that are available online in India. Based on our analysis, we suggest 4 best Value for money deals for you.


Buying Check For Value For Money Yoga Mats

i-Heir Anti-Tear Yoga Mat with Stitched Edges 

Pros: Looking at the cost of this mat and the kind of good features of this mat have,  this is a great value for the money you spend. The dimension of the mat is 72 x 24 inch and the thickness is 6 mm which is quite comfortable for any type of yoga asana. The mat has both side non-slip material which provides a perfect grip. The good part of this mat is its stitched edges which gives a longer life to the mat. Majority of the users of this yoga mat have given a higher rating.

Cons: Some of the users are not happy with the quality of the material used for this mat.


 2 Best Yoga Mat Overall

Best Yoga Mat Overall


Reebok Double Sided Yoga Mat 

Pros: The beautiful mat is good in all the aspects along with a well-recognised brand name. Made from eco-friendly material, this mat is non-slip and has good gip. It is easy to maintain. The carry strap provided with the mat makes it comfortable to carry while outdoor.  A mat that everyone and anyone will love to have.

Cons: Price is a bit on the higher side.

Buying Check for Best Yoga Mat Overall



Boldfit Yoga mat 

Pros: No doubt, this is one of the best mats that you will get online. With the given price and the kind of all good features that you look for in a yoga mat, this mat is worth grabbing. The mat is sweat and water-resistant, non-slip, good grip and made from eco-friendly material. If you are serious about buying a good quality yoga mat at a reasonable price, just go for it. The complimentary strap provided makes this mat easier to carry during travel.

Cons: Though the majority of the users of this mat have given a thumbs up to this mat, some have a complaint that the thickness of the mat goes off after a few months and it becomes slippery.

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