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12 Best Yoga Mats: Buy the Perfect Mat from Our Handpicked Collection

In today’s time, the importance of yoga is well recognised. It has become a fitness mantra for many people. The first step to perform any yoga posture is to choose the right flat place and put a mat on it. Hence, a mat is one of the most important accessories to perform any yoga asana.  Whether you do it at your home or take the guidance from a yoga teacher, you need a  mat. Those who are serious about yoga must have this.

Tips to Buy a Perfect Yoga Mat

While plenty of options are available across multiple online stores, not all yoga mats are worth buying. As explained in the infographic, there are certain parameters one need to check before buying this yoga essential. To help in selecting the perfect yoga mat, we at have handpicked the 12 best mats that fulfil all the parameters. 

1. Dynamic Grey Colour Yoga Mat 


Our 1st choice is the dynamic yoga mat sold by Decathlon. Apart from the beautiful and pleasing look, this mat has all the qualities that are required in a perfect mat. The mat is sturdy for daily yoga practice, has a fantastic grip, eco-friendly and great thickness. The dimension of the mat is mat is 185 cm long, 65 cm wide and 5 mm thick which is ideal for performing all type of yoga poses. The mat comes with an easy to carry bag. The good part of this whole deal is two years of warranty by the manufacturer. 

Overall, a perfect choice for any yoga lover!

2. Natural Rubber and Jute Mat- Sand Colour

Our 2nd choice among all the online yoga mats is the sand colour mat made from eco-friendly natural rubber and jute. The rubber used in the mat provides an excellent grip and help in performing any yoga posture. This eye-catching comfortable yoga mat comes with a soft strap which is ideal to carrying this mat to any outdoor. As far as the dimension is concerned. this mat is 183 cm long, 61 cm wide and 4 mm thick while its weight is 2.6 kg.

If Yoga is your passion, just go for this mat!

3. Reebok’s Geometric Designed Yoga Mat

Our 3rf top pick is this purple colour geometric designed stylish eco-friendly mat from Reebok. Made from non-slip material with a raised bobble texture, this yoga mat is there to enhance the experience of yoga. The 4mm thick yoga mat is designed to increase traction for better control whilst a textured base material provides a  perfect grip to every pose. This lightweight and rollable mat are easy to transport with the included carry string.

Stylish, lightweight and Brand Value!

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4. Natural Rubber & Microfiber Suede Mat

The 4th choice that we bring to you is the one that you will fall in love at first sight. Colour and the design of this mat itself is full of energy. This mat has all the features that you can expect in the best yoga mat. Eco-friendly and skin-friendly materials used in this mat are natural rubber & microfiber sued. The natural rubber ensures that the grip is perfect and does the mat to move or curl up while performing yoga. The microfiber suede used as towel like surface works like a sweat absorbent. The dimension of the mat is perfectly sized as 72 inch x 24 inch. 

Come, fall in love with this Yoga Mat!

5. GuideAlign Design Reversible Mat

Our 5th top pick is TEGO Stance Truly Reversible Mat with GuideAlign. This yoga mat has a unique design that helps to check your angle while performing yoga so that you can get the full benefit of that pose. This unique design includes a centre point, a straight line running through the middle of the mat, and 45 degrees references to suit any height or workout style. Though the PVC has been used, this mat is free from lead and 6 most harmful phthalates. While making this mat, it is also treated with antimicrobial technology for added protection from odour causing bacteria. Thereby, this mat is eco-friendly and shin friendly.  Quality material and 5mm thickness ensure the protection of your bones while exercising.  The closed-cell construction reduces the impact of the sweat seeping into the mat thereby improving durability and overall hygiene.

The GuideAlign Design and Reversible Features Make it More Exciting!

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6. Aerolite Sun Salutation Yoga Mat

Marketed and sold by Flipkart, Aerolite Sun Salutation Yoga Mat is our 6th choice. This yoga mat has been designed with Printed illustrated Poses od Surya Namaskar to inspire and bring the feeling of multiple yoga asanas that you perform. Made from thermoplastic elastomer and natural rubber, this mat does not carry any intrusive odours or smells. The mat is easy to clean and maintain. With the stylish carry strip provided, the mat is easy to carry during travel. The EVA foam filling of this mat protects your skin and bones from any shock and provides optimum stability. The mat is available in 4 colours to choose from. The dimension of the mat is well above the standard size make it comfortable for even taller people. The length and width of the mat is 78 inch x 28 inch while the thickness is 8.5 mm.

Inspiring, Comfortable and Big in Size! 

7. Aerolite Striped Multicolor Exercise Mat

The striped multicolour yoga mat from Aerolite is our 7th best pick. The mat is well suited for everyday yoga practice and meditation. The base material used in the mat is a thermoplastic elastomer and eco-friendly natural rubber along with EVA foam filling. These all make the mat odour free, shock absorber and anti-skid, giving complete protection of skin and bones.  The size of this mat is 78 inch x 28 inch which makes it comfortable for performing any pose

Good Design, Good Size and Good Quality!  

8. MagFit Jute Yoga Mat – Blue Colour

Our 8th best pick is the eco-friendly yoga mat which is made of jute. This mat meets all the criteria required. The dimension of the mat is 24 inch x 72 Inch with a thickness of 5 mm. The mat comes with a stylish bag which makes it convenient while travelling. The material used in the backside of the mat provides a good grip.  

Decent and comfortable!  

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9. ADIDAS Unisex Navy Blue Exercise Mat

Our 9th best choice is the 6 mm yoga mat from Adidas. The mat is designed to provide all comfort and concentration during any yoga exercise. The eco-friendly material used in this mat provides full protection to the skin. The base material of this mat is EVA which gives slip resistance. The mat comes with a bag strap making it easy to carry outdoor.

A combination of Brand and Quality! 

10. Reebok’s Black Exercise & Gym Mat

Our 10th choice is the beautiful mat from Reebok, which is designed for yoga and other exercises. The looks of the mat will make anyone crazy to grab it. Not only the looks, but the mat also has all the good qualities required for perfection. The dimension of the mat is 72 inch x 24 inch while the thickness is 7mm. The mat is lightweight, thereby easy to roll and carry.  

Made for Stylish People!

11. Boldfit Unisex Yoga Mat 

Our 11th recommendation is Boldfit mat.  NBR, which is a type of natural rubber is the raw material for manufacturing this eco-friendly mat.  The mat comes with the standard size of 6 feet long & 2 feet wide that ensures comfort for people of all shapes and sizes. The thickness of the mat is 10 mm. The use of high-density foam material provides comfort to spine, hips, knees and elbows even on hard floors.  The mat is equipped with double-sided non-slip surfaces that provide a good grip. The mat comes with a free strap for easy transport and storage.

Durable, Rough & Tough!

12. Vritraz Printed Pack Of 2 Mat

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Our last and the 12th pick is a pair of mats. The pack of 2 printed mats from Vritraz comes with multiple options to choose from. These beautiful pair of mats has the thickness of  6mm, and the height and width are 72 inch x 24 inch. This mat has double-sided anti-skid surfaces that provides a good grip to protect from injuries. The mat contains premium quality eco-safe material. The pair of mat comes with a complimentary carry bag for any outdoor movement.

One for you, One for your partner!

Image Credits: Images used in this article have been taken from Amazon, Decathlon, PaytmMall and FlipKart Websites

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