Low Budget Fitness Tracker Band

12 Best Low Budget Fitness Tracker Bands: Popular and Best Selling

The world is going through a digital revolution, and this is probably the reason more and more people have started using digital health and fitness devices. Today, the market is flooded with a variety of digital health devices and fitness band is one of them. In this article, we will talk about some of the low budget fitness tracker bands and their amazing features that motivate you to remain fit.

Why Should You Buy A Low Budget Fitness Tracker

The fitness tracker band is a wearable that you always wear, even when you are sleeping. This helps you to keep an eye on your physical activities all the time. With the help of a fitness band, you can get information about your steps, heart rate, sleep and calorie burn etc. If you feel that you are leading a lazy lifestyle and you want to motivate yourself, then taking a fitness band can prove to be a good option. In a way, a fitness band gives you energy and encouragement for a fit lifestyle. It motivates you to walk and stay active. 

There are multiple options available in the market to buy a fitness band. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on buying an expensive fitness band, there are multiple affordable options available. Affordable fitness trackers are also so comfortable that they can be worn all day and you can track your physical activities. To help you out from this confusion we at truebuddy.in have handpicked some of the best and trending fitness bands.

Things to Check Before You Buy A Low Budget Fitness Tracker Band

Before purchasing a fitness band, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. If you have an advanced fitness goal, such as becoming a fitness professional or participating in a marathon, then you need a sports-oriented fitness band which comes expensive. But if you need basic tracking of your physical activities and health parameters, there are a variety of affordable fitness band that are currently trending and good enough to meet your need.

Here are some of the important things to check before buying a fitness in 

Quality of the strap

πŸ‘‰ As you always be wearing the fitness band, it is extremely important to ensure that the material of the strap is skin-friendly or not.


πŸ‘‰ Before buying make sure that the display of the band and watch is compact or not. With this, check if there is any problem in viewing the display in bright light.

Heart Monitor Sensor 

πŸ‘‰ Though this feature comes in almost all the fitness bands, it is important to check before buying. With this feature, you will be able to monitor your heart health and maintain better calories.


πŸ‘‰ Since you would be wearing all the time, the weight of the band matters a lot.


πŸ‘‰ Good fitness bands are normally waterproof that supports during swimming. 

Battery Backup

πŸ‘‰ Before buying any fitness back, check for the battery life claimed by the manufacturer. Normally a good health band battery lasts for about a week.

Sleep Tracking 

πŸ‘‰ It is advised to buy a health band that has sleep tracking feature. This will give you a better picture of your health.

Notification Feature

πŸ‘‰ This is an important featured need to be taken care of while buying a fitness band. You can integrate your fitness band with your smartphone to get any alert of calls and messages. 

12 Best Low Budget Fitness Tracking Bands 

Popular Segment

Alternative Options

MI Smart Band 4

HolyHigh Smart Band

HONOR Band 5

Buxaz Fit 4 Band

MUZILI Fitness Band

Fitbit Inspire Health
Fastrack Reflex Activity Tracker

MI Band 3

Samsung Galaxy e Smart Band

HONOR Band 5i

Realme Fitness Band

There are multiple options for fitness band available in the market, but not all of them are worth buying. We have done a deep analysis of all the options and handpicked some of the best fitness band for you. Our initial level of shortlisting is done on the checklist as suggested in the previous section. To finalize our best pick we have considered users review and rating and also the top-selling fitness bands across all the leading online stores.

Budget Fitness Tracker Bands – Popular Segment

Here are some of the cheap and best fitness band. These bands have been handpicked considering its features, sell volume and customer’s feedback. If your budget is low and you want to but a good quality trending fitness band, then these economical bands offer great value for money.  

1. Mi Smart Band 4 – Fully Loaded Economical Fitness Band

πŸ™‚   Pros:

  • This is one of the best-reviewed fitness tracker bands which is ideal for a low budget. The fitness band is loaded with all the great features that you would be looking for in this range.
  • With its amazing touch display feature with adjustable brightness, the band has 24*7 automatic heart monitoring and alerts you when the heart rate is high. 
  • The Mi 4 fit band is compatible with your android and iOS smartphones and you can receive notifications of your text messages, calls and social media. The manufacturer claims a 20 days uninterrupted battery life for this fitness tracker.
  • The feature includes swimming tracking, sleep monitoring, weather and location display on the screen, music control and unlimited watch faces.
  • The band is ideal for both male and females. There are 4 colour options for the strap to choose from, blue, orange, red and pink. the weigh of Mi Smart Band 4 is only 22 grams making is super lightweight to wear all the time.

😐 Cons:

  • Mi Band 4 Fitness tracker is although loaded with all the useful features, but there is no feature available to answer calls.
  • Auto adjustment of brightness is not available. Once you set the brightness to maximum, it is good for outdoor usage but too bright for indoor.  

2. HONOR Band 5 

πŸ™‚   Pros:

  • Equipped with all the features that you can expect in a low budget fitness tracker, this band is our 2nd best pick. With an average user rating of 4.2, this is another fitness tracker which is very much popular among fitness lovers.  
  • Honor Band 5 has AMOLED touch screen with adjustable brightness and dynamic display.  The band has 24*7 heart rate monitoring and alerting feature that works in both active and sleeping status. 
  • The useful features that make this band attractive are maintaining a record of step count, calories burned, distance covered, moderate to high-intensity activities duration and standing status, target setting and achievements.
  • The band is 50 meters water-resistant and has swimming posture recognition feature along with maintaining a record of all the important health and exercise data during swimming.
  • Honor Band 5 is compatible with android and iOS smartphones. Other attractive features are smart music and volume control, multiple watch faces, stopwatch and timer; find your phone, alarm, caller ID, SMS, e-mail, weather reports, calendar and social apps.
  • This strap of exciting budget fitness tracker is available in 4 attractive colours. 
  • The weight of Honor Band 5 is 22.7 grams, comfortable for all time wear.  
  • The batter of Honor Band 5 gives a 14 days standby on a single recharge. 

😐 Cons:

  • Battery life is not as long as claimed by the manufacturer.
  • Once your battery reached 5% level, the band will stop working.

3. Muzili Fitness Band

πŸ™‚Β  Β Pros:

  • Rated 4.4 by users, Muzili fitness activity tracker is one of the top picks among budget bands.Β 
  • It maintains an accurate record of your daily activity including walking and running distance covered,Β  calories burned, heart rate monitoring, tracking of your sleep time and active time.Β 
  • There is 14 exercise mode that enables you to exercise more efficiently. Inbuilt stopwatch feature can be used to keep a track of exercise time.
  • Compatibility with smartphones helps to get all SMS and call notifications on the screen.Β 
  • Muzili fitness activity tracker is waterproof, you can swim and bath without removing it.
  • With 2 hours of charging, the battery gives a backup of 7 to 10 days.
  • Muzili fitness band is available in 3 colours– black, blue and purple.Β 

😐 Cons:

  • Strap Quality is not very good. Needs to be improved.Β 

4. Huawei Band 3 Pro All-in-One Fitness Activity

πŸ™‚   Pros:

  • Our 4th top recommended health and fitness tracker among the budget segment is Huwaei Band 3 pro.
  • This all-in-One Fitness Activity Tracker has 24/7 heart rate monitoring including sleep tracking, in-built GPS and multi-sports mode.
  • Huwaei Band 3 pro is water-resistant up to 50 meters in depth for 10 minutes

😐 Cons:

  • The price of Huwaei Band 3 pro is much higher as compared to the features it has.
  • The notification feature is not good enough.
  • Some of the details like the weight of the band and compatibility with a smartphone are not available easily to buyers. 

5. Mi Band 3

πŸ™‚   Pros:

  • This fully-loaded fitness band from Mi is a true value for the money you spend on buying it. 
  • Despite being a budget fitness tracker, this has all the essential features and that makes it popular among youth and fitness lovers. 
  • Features include 0.78” OLED touch screen, read messages and receive call notification and alerts, continuous heart rate monitoring,  weather forecast, advanced step tracking and monitoring sleep quality
  • The Mi Band 3 is compatible with android and iOS smartphones along with features like finding my phone and ring your phone if it is misplaced.
  • The monitor your activities like running, biking or walking in real-time
  • The band is water-resistant upto 50 metre
  • A full charge batter gives a backup up to 20 days, on normal usage
  • Soft and comfortable skin-friendly strap available in 3 colour options suited for both male and female. 

😐 Cons:

  • Battery backup is not as good as claimed especially when heart rate monitoring is turned on.

6. HONOR Band 5i

πŸ™‚   Pros:

  • Honor Band 5i is another popular fitness tracker in low budget.  The band has all the great look and features that can come at this reasonable price. The features include a full-colour touchscreen, SpO2, in-built USB charging, music control, watch faces store, variety of sports modes, scientific sleep monitor, heart rate monitor and up to  50M water resistance.
  • The battery provides a 6-day standby on a single charge.
  • The strap of the band has three attractive colour options ideal for male and female.
  • The weight of the band is on 13.9 grams making it convenient to wear all time and monitor your health and fitness data without any break.

😐 Cons:

  • NFC Feature is not available in Honor Band 5i. Also, the number of motion modes are less as compare to other fitness bands in this range. 

Best Budget Fitness Tracker Bands (Popular) – Comparison 

MI Smart

Band 5

Muzili Fitness Band

Huawei Band 3 Pro

Band 3

Band 5i


Heart Rate Sensor



Battery Backup

Sleep Tracking

Notification Feature

Strap Quality

User Rating







Budget Fitness Tracker Bands – Alternative Options

Apart from the 6 most popular fitness tracker bands in the budget segment, there are few good alternatives in the market. We have picked and reviewed these alternative options based on their features, brand and user reviews. Before buying a good fitness tracker, we suggest our readers go through the pros and cons of there alternative options as well.  

7. HolyHigh Smart Band


πŸ™‚   Pros:

  • With 70% of the users rating this fitness band above 4, HolyHigh Smart band is among the best alternative among the budget segment. 
  • Step into a healthier life with this budget fitness band which is equipped with all great features like heart rate and sleep monitor, silent alarm. waterproof, alerts of Whatsapp messages, and calls, battery backup of 8 days, calorie counter and much more.  
  • Apart from the 3 default modes, this activity tracker allows you to customize your own motion mode.
  • You can connect your cell phone using GPS and track your real-time run stats like distance on display and record a map of your route.
  • 5 modes of the screen brightness adjustment help to increase the battery backup. 
  • An interesting feature that you can take selfies effortlessly without touching the phone, just shake your hand.
  • Battery backup is up to 8 days. The inbuilt USB plug makes it easy to charge with any devices with a USB port. 
  • Available in 3 double colour shades of the strap, this is really an attractive band from all aspects. 

😐 Cons:

  • There is no specific negative observation about this fitness band.

8. Buxaz Fit 4 Smart Fitness Band


πŸ™‚   Pros:

  • Buxaz Fir 4 Smart fitness band is one of our favourite picks based on the amazing looks and features it carries.
  • This is one of the best alternatives fitness tracker band in the low budget segment. 
  • It’s a powerful 8 in 1 activity sports activity tracker. This included 4 Smart Calculators of steps, calories, distance, duration and 4 track modes – walk, run, cycling, hiking.
  • The sleep monitoring feature tracks your deep sleep, light sleep, and wake-sleep to help you to get a better analysis of your sleep pattern. The wakeup alarm feature wakes you up with silent alarm using vibration. 
  • Buxaz Fit 4 is ip68 certified waterproof activity tracker. You need not take off your band during swimming, rain, shower or even while you wash your hands.
  • The  hrs3300 heart- rate sensor in this band ensures the accurate measure of heart-rate all the time. The smart feature of this band also monitors your blood pressure continuously. 
  • The strap of this band is available in 7 amazing and cool colours ideal for both male and female.  
  • Overall a good display and interfaces are comfortable to use. 

😐 Cons:

  • Though it looks to be an attractive band, some of the important details like battery backup and weight of the band are not available. 

9. Fitbit Inspire Health and Fitness Tracker 

πŸ™‚   Pros:

  • With 81% of the users rating this band above 4, this certainly is one of the favourites of health and fitness lovers. 
  • Its a decent looking, easy of use and comfortable to wear fitness tracker band. 
  • The features of this band keep a track of all your step count, tracking, swimming, distance travelled, calories burned and sleep quality.
  • Up to 50 water resistance feature of this band ensures that you need no take it off during shower and swimming.
  • Connect it easily with your android or iOS smartphone to remain updated with any alerts and call notifications.  
  • The band is available in 2 attractive colours. The weight of  Fitbit inspire fitness tracker band is only  18.1 grams which is convenient to wear all the time. 

😐 Cons:

  • Heart rate monitor feature is not available. 
  • The cost of this Fitbit inspire fitness tracker band is much higher as compare of other bands with better features in the low budget segment. 

10. Fastrack  Reflex Activity Tracker

πŸ™‚   Pros:

  • Another good alternative in low budget fitness tracker band is Fastrack Reflex Activity Tracker. 
  • The band has OLED Display and is water-resistant.
  • The features of the band include the tracking steps count, distance covered, calories burned, sleep and activity patterns.
  • The inbuilt sedentary reminder helps you to ensure an active and healthy lifestyle which you can customise as per you.
  • Easy to sync up with Android and iOS smartphone for getting alerts. Also has ‘find my phone’ feature.

😐 Cons

  • The battery backup is only up to 4 days.
  • The weight of the band is much higher compared to other fitness trackers in the same category.

11. Samsung Galaxy Fit e Smart Band 

πŸ™‚   Pros:

  • Comes with the basic functionality of a fitness band.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android smartphone to get alerts PMOLED display and water-resistant
  • Tracking feature of this smart band automatically detect up to three activities – walking, running, and dynamic workout.
  • Enabled with heart rate and sleeping pattern tracking

😐 Cons

  • Notification management feature needs improvement.  
  • Battery backup is much less in actual uses.

12. Realme Fitness Band

πŸ™‚   Pros:

  • Realme fitness band has a Large 2.4 cm colour display with personalized dial faces option.
  • The 9 inbuilt intelligent sports tracker feature helps you to track fitness activities.
  • The Realme fitness band is IP68 certified water-resistant.
  • Essential features include heart rate monitor and sleep quality monitor. 

😐 Cons

  • The Realme fitness band is not compatible with iOS smartphones. 

Final Verdict

Based on our in-depth analysis and review of all the options available in the low budget segment of fitness and activity tracker band, we recommend Mi Band 3, Honor Band 5 and Huawei Band 3 Pro as our 3 top picks.

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